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5 Signs That Your Gearbox Needs to Be Checked

Any obvious gearbox problems call for immediate attention to prevent them from developing into more acute issues. Not paying urgent attention to gearbox problems can put your life in danger when you're behind the wheel. Here are instances that indicate your gearbox needs some repair and maintenance work.

•    When You Notice the Gears Are Slipping

When you select a gear, it is supposed to remain engaged for as long as you chose before shifting to the next one. Slipping can pose a danger to any occupants in the vehicle, and a gears inspection is necessary to ascertain the extent of damage on the synchromesh.

•    When Switching Gears Produces Whistling or Clicking Sounds

If you notice clicking or whistling noises when driving more so when you switch gears you need to get your gearbox checked. Such sounds may be an indication the ball bearings in the gearbox are worn out and call for a replacement. However, do not make any assumptions; have your car checked by a gears inspection professional

•    When You Notice the Clutch Keeps Dragging

The clutch will drag when the disk refuses to disconnect from the flywheel as you push the clutch pedal. When this happens, you are unable to switch gears since the clutch is still rotating along with the engine. The issue here is that the clutch pedal has excess slack and needs fixing.  

•    When You Notice Leaking Transmission Fluid

Anytime you notice drops of transmission fluid on your driveway it is indicative of a leak. If you find transmission fluid levels are low, it also indicates a leak since the transmission doesn't consume any fluid when in use. A gearbox diagnosis will identify the leak point and recommend a suitable fix.

•    If You Notice a Burnt Smell from Your Transmission Fluid

Whenever you notice that your transmission fluid gives off a burnt smell, it means that your gearbox needs some attention. The fluid provides cooling to the transmission and also lubricates it. Inadequate levels of the fluid cause overheating and you will need to top it up. If it is discoloured and not red and sweet smelling, you will have to drain it thoroughly before replacing it.


Any moment your gearbox presents signs of trouble you ought to pay critical attention to nip the issue in the bud. Note the kinds of sounds it produces when in use, the smell and colour of the transmission fluid and how driving feels whenever you change gears, to identify potential problems.

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